The primary purpose of SBCS is to prepare God-called men and women for vocational service in Baptist churches by providing comprehensive Christian-centered general education and professional theological and ministerial training programs, which emphasize spiritual growth, biblically-based scholarship and ministry skills development, leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Th.B.), Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE), Master of Divinity (M.Div.). The curricula and activities are designed to aid in developing spiritually mature leaders who are intellectually informed, vocationally skilled, and compassionately committed for spreading the Gospel throughout the world by focusing on the following three areas:

  1.  Spiritual Development - To foster spiritual growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as essential preparation for Christian ministry and service. 
  2.  Theological Studies - To guide students to discern, defend and proclaim God's revealed truth through rigorous study of the Bible.
  3. Professional Preparation - To prepare for a wide variety of Christian ministries by developing vocational competence, such as effective communication, management, counseling and teaching skills. 

  • 침례교 신앙에 입각한 사역자 양성 및 파송
  • 이민교회 성도들 가운데 목회 또는 선교의 소명을 확신할 수 있는 기회를 마련
  • 직장인 소명자 또는 평신도 사역자들의 신학교육을 통한 양성
  • 모국어 강의로 정확한 신학교육의 가르침으로 사역자 양성
  • 선교에 소명을 받은자들의 사역준비 및 협력 (교단 국제선교부 IMB와 연결을 도움 )
  • 은퇴의 삶을 선교나 평신도 사역에 재도전할 수 있도록 비젼 제시 및 사역 준비 도움